Personal Training


Bliss Body Personal Training offers a unique health and wellness experience that focuses on YOU, the client.   The moment you walk in our doors, you will experience a warm welcome from our trainers and instructors that are ready to coach you through a great workout.  Each workout is designed based on your goals, catering to any physical limitations or injuries.

We take pride in our trainers as well as our members. We are a TEAM and our number one priority is to make an IMPACT in your life while helping you reach your goals & to encourage you along the way.  The number ONE reason why Brandi Dearmon decided to open up a boutique style studio is because she felt a higher calling to help more people with their health & fitness goals, without the over-priced rates. 

Behind the Why

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My purpose to pursue my passion helping others become their very best goes way beyond a title or a paycheck. The ultimate career goal is to do what you love and for me, this is it.  As a busy mom of three daughters, it is also very important for me to be the best role model for my girls and that starts with me.  I am far from perfect, but I strive to become better each day and that is what I teach and implement with my clients through goal setting and committment. 

I love uncovering the hidden potential in others; from teaching proper lifting form to pushing my clients to become stronger and healthier versions of themselves.  My goal is to educate, engage, and empower my clients to live a healthy lifestyle that stretches far beyond the bikini months.

You only get one life, make the BEST of it!!!