BLISS Barre (barre classes)


Developed by “the world’s foremost living barre experts” (source: Huffington Post), exhale’s barre class is a full-body workout with light weights, planks, pushups, thigh strengthening exercises and ab work paired with ballet-inspired moves to sculpt the arms, lean the legs, chisel the abs and lift the butt. (Socks required.)

Here's what to expect from Barre:
• A challenging, full-body barre workout
• Dynamic, invigorating programming
• Light weights for upper body training
• Planks, push-ups, squats, and core exercises
• Sculpted abs and legs, improved posture, and decreased stress.

If you're worried that your ballet skills aren't up to par for barre, fear not; no artistic dance moves are required. All you need is a pair of grippy socks — we already brought the barre.

If you're new to the world of barre, we break down the basics in our Barre classes. 

*Barre in Frisco

* Bliss Body and Barre in Frisco


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